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Vision & Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction
'Empowering People for Health’

Service Plan

Operational Plan
'Empowering People for Health'

Accessibility & Inclusion Plan
'Empowering People for Health’

Environmental Sustainability Strategy
A vision of “caring for our environment together”

Environmental Sustainability Action Plan
A vision of “caring for our environment together”

Gender Equity Action Plan

Our Vision

‘Empowering People for Health’

To enable the best health possible, focusing on the individual’s best interests, a person must feel empowered to make decisions. Empowering people is aimed at making each person in our community stronger and more confident, to give them authority in decision-making for health.

Vision Enabler

Achievement of our strategic direction relies on a positive culture. The values of Tallangatta Health Service will drive our culture and it is expected that the values will be 'lived' by staff, volunteers and Board Directors

All members of the service will hold true to the following values:

Integrity • Caring • Adaptable • Respect • Excellence

Our Pillars

Five pillars provide a strong foundation to the success of Tallangatta Health Service:

  1. Person Centred Approach
    The person will be at the centre of all we do and we will empower them in health decisions.
  2. Evidence Based Decision Making
    Our decisions will inquire, looking for best practice to inform our decisions.
  3. Sustainability
    Our decisions ensure that success can be maintained.
  4. Culture of Excellence, Innovation, Learning & Development
    We will be the best we can by embracing new ways.
  5. Robust clinical & Corporate Governance
    Our governance  systems will provide assurance that we are providing the best care possible and  our strategic vision is being achieved.

Strategic Direction

Tallangatta Health Service cannot achieve its vision alone. The journey requires cooperative action with community members to develop and progress forward.

In achieving the vision, people of the Tallangatta region will have the confidence and authority to make decisions about personal and community health.

About Us

Tallangatta Health Service has served the community of the Towong Shire and surrounding area for over 100 years. It is committed to providing a sustainable health service that ensures people in the community have the best health possible. To remain relevant and sustainable, the service must be prepared to respond to the influences of its environment and engage with the people it serves.

Strategic Direction

As part of the development of its strategic direction, Tallangatta Health Service undertook external and internal analysis and consulted a range of stakeholders from the community through to other health providers, as well as policy directions from the Victorian & Commonwealth Governments to underpin the development of the service’s future.

Tallangatta Health Service must be an innovative organisation, which continues to learn and strive for excellence, providing safe, high-quality services that are supported through community engagement, appropriate infrastructure and a skilled, multidisciplinary workforce.

Tallangatta Health Service is confident that its Strategic Direction 2018–2027 will build on the successes of the past, and the health care of the community will continue to be well served into the future.

Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Direction 2018-2027 is based on four strategic priorities identifed by Tallangatta Health Service and are critical to ensuring the service achieves it's vision by remaining relevant and sustainable, and meeting the changing health needs of the community.

Strategic Priority 1

Our care is relevant, safe, high quality and responsive.

Strategic Priority 2

Our infrastructure is planned for future needs.

Strategic Priority 3

Our partnering with communities cultivates connections.

Strategic Priority 4

Our workforce is adaptive, skilled and compassionate.

Phased Approach

Our strategic direction will be phased over the 10 years. This is a living plan and as such must be adaptive to changing circumstances that may influence the direction of Tallangatta Health Service.

Each year the Board will review the strategic priorities, phase timelines and adjustments may be made to the priorities.

Phase 1 (2018-2020)

Builds on the current platforms and creates new platforms to enable the future state.

Phase 2 (2021-2024)

Implementing the priorities into reality and building and enabling success.

Phase 3 (2024-2027)

Embedding achievements from the past and continuing to building and enable whilst anticipating future direction.

Your feedback about the Strategic Direction, or any feedback in general is important. Please email or contact us at Tallangatta Health Service.